A simple, portable solution for increasing an athlete’s overall explosiveness and range-of-motion. Equally suited for garage gyms and professional training centers, this freestanding version requires only a pair of stacked bumpers or 45-pound metal plates for mounting. The post can also be placed within the post hole of the COREFX Push and Pull Sleds – meaning you won’t need an existing rig, rack, or squat stand to start an angled barbell training regimen.

The COREFX Landmine Post features a 7-gauge steel, 11-inch bar insert sleeve that will fit the majority of standard Olympic barbells. This sleeve is designed to pivot 360 degrees in a fluid motion, which is essential for rotational training exercises like the Landmine Press, Landmine Row, Bent Over Row, Push Press, Push Jerk, Deadlift, Cleans, Standing Barbell Russian Twist.

• Base Post Length: 7.25”

• Sleeve Length: 11.5”

• Weight Capacity: 315 lbs


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